Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Marc Chagall

 Marc Chagall

Born as: A Russian-French

Birth: 6 July 1887

Death: 28 March 1985

Type of artist: Cubist Expressionism, Stained glass, Stage sets, Ceramics, Tapestries and Fine art prints.

Where he lived: Liozna, Belarus

Interesting Facts: 

-Despite living in New York for a couple of years, Marc Chagall never learnt English

-Marc Chagall's home was devoid of art.

"The Three Candles" 
-I chose this art work because I am interested in weddings and this one looks like an unusual wedding, The little people, houses, animals, the three tall candles and the couple standing on a floating rug.

"The Poet Reclining", 1915 
-This art work was the first one to catch my eye as the scenery is nice. The twilight sky, the trees, the animals and the person laying down look relaxed.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

580 meters.

The new tower has been released and it is their turn to climb the spiral building, but little did they know, it's never ending. A few minutes into climbing, the leader of the tower stopped, the rest did as well. The hooves stopped clashing with the ground, a movement caught their eyes, a giraffe falling from the top. It was from the previous tower. It has given up on climbing, like how it has given up on its life. The giraffe knew that ending it now would be much more pleasant than climbing up a never ending spiral. The falling giraffe's body has slammed on the ground with speed. Before the tower kept on walking, they took a quick glimpse of the blooded mess of the giraffe who fell 580 meters.

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Wednesday, 4 November 2020


Alma sees children writing their names on a wall full of names outside the shop. She noticed that every child that walks past does this. Alma recognised some of the dolls in the shop with her, she thought about it for a while, she suddenly remembered everything, she recognised their faces from the posters passed around the town...the ‘missing’ children. Thinking deeply in her lifeless body, Alma finally got it, every child that writes their name on the wall, a doll version of them appears on the display window.

Hours later, a young red haired girl strolls down the pathway. The wall of names caught her attention so she decides to write her name on it. It was hard to write her name because she was wearing mittens. letter by letter, the name ‘Scarlett’ was written down. After she was done, she took a step back to admire how big the wall was and how many names were on it. While walking blindly backwards. a mechanism went off behind her, She turned around, and to her surprise, it was her, as a doll on the display window of the Doll Shop.

In the corner of Alma’s wooden eye, she sees Scarlett on the other side of the window, admiring her doll self. She looked amazed and as soon as she noticed the doll was wearing the same thing as her, she got excited and at that point, Alma knew Scarlett wanted the doll. Scarlett ran towards the entrance of the shop in joy. Alma looked at Scarlett. She pulled down the door handle that had been locked after Alma’s entry to the shop. Alma thought Scarlett was like the other children, who give up after a failed attempt of opening the locked door, but no, Scarlett was desperate for the look-a like doll. She tried everything she could to open the door and eventually succeeded. As she entered the shop she tumbled over the cyclist Doll by the door, unimpressed, she kicked it to the other side of the shop. She turned her head towards the display window to once again see her doll but there was just a pile of dust waiting to be blown away. 


Scarlett was confused, she looked around the shop to find where her doll went. She then found the doll next to Alma’s. Alma noticed the doll was beside her. She saw Scarlett doing the same things she did. Alma was trying her best to stop her, she shook her eyes side to side to try and get Scarlett’s attention, Scarlett heard Alma’s wooden eyes clanking, she stopped climbing and fell off. She ran out of the shop in fear, crying as the doll disappeared from beside Alma. 

Alma was sad, she never thought that she would scare someone away in her life, however, she was proud that she saved someone’s life.

Friday, 16 October 2020

Friday, 18 September 2020



Trees rustling, birds chirping, waves crashing. The sounds that Aroha hears while taking a walk through the forest. Her free spirit allows her to run with the howling wind. Aroha and her friends will be meeting up and venture the forest together.

Her friends have finally arrived, they spotted Aroha on a dry washed up log. It wasn't long until Aroha noticed them by hearing their voices getting louder and louder each second going towards her. They ran around in the forest and found themselves back at the spot they found Aroha at. The three sat down together on the same log and talked about happy times, slowly transitioning to the most nostalgic moments they have had in their lifetime.

"Let's get back to reality, shall we? "Aroha said, all three of them picked themselves up and admired the ocean. They talked about their future instead of the past, They pictured the equator as their mid-life and not being together anymore. They pictured the other side as death, they talked about what they'll all do before their last breath. Something about their future being optimistic, why can't that be realistic?

Wednesday, 9 September 2020



This is a piece of writing in the form of a diary entry from the book 'Mophead' by Selina Tusitala Marsh

Dear Diary,

Let me tell you about the weird and interesting day I had, After school, Sarah and I had to stay in class as we were going to have some adult thing, ‘restorative justice’ ? I think that’s what it’s called. The reason we had to stay in class is because Sarah, let’s just say, is being mean to me. She has been calling me ‘MopHead’ because of my big hair which stands out a lot. So I decided to tie my hair and I got called ‘Fuzzy-Wuzzy’. I told our teacher, Mr. Grey about what’s going on as he has noticed pme hanging around alone looking unhappy during Morning Tea and Lunch. He got concerned so he rang both Sarah’s and my parents so we could settle it peacefully with adults involved. The last school bell rang and there I was in the classroom with Sarah waiting for our parents to arrive for the restorative justice meeting with Mr. Grey. After a long, awkward meeting, Sarah’s parents apologised to me and my parents for her actions in school, Sarah apologised as well and said that she will stop bullying me. After the meeting, we headed back home and I went straight into my room, I felt happier, I had freedom, that means I don’t have to worry at school anymore. I felt my hair down, pretended to be Diana Ross and sang loudly, My Mum was outside my bedroom door, happy that I was being myself again.